The Truth Behind the Dare

The Truth Behind the Dare

24 chapters / 20381 words

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I’ve begun a project, something I would have never seen myself, a shy and self-conscious 17-year-old, undertaking. I realize now that I’ll have to be brave and ready to defend myself against something that I’m not guilty of doing. So far the hardest things I’ve had to get through are telling my mother of my plan to fake a pregnancy, defending myself against my ex-boyfriend’s cheating accusations, listening to Jessica and her friends’ comment on being a slut, and lying to Cole, who has graciously decided to stand by by side through all of this.

There is no way I could have prepared myself for this. At night when I lay in my bed I curse my best friend for daring me to do this even though it’s not her fault. I cry because I’ve lied to the one person whose lying for me and taking half the blame for something he never did. My stomach clenches when I think of my mother who is watching me tuck the blanket under my shirt every morning, knowing that at my age she walked out the door like that too, but instead of the blanket, it was me. My heart hurts when I know that Caroline is walking in my shoes too, but she’ll have the evidence at the end and I’ll only have a story.

Author's Note: I created this story after hearing the news of a high school senior who did a project based on a fake pregnancy. I recently discovered that a movie and book based off her story have been released. I have not read the book nor watched the movie and I do not plan to until my story is finished. This way, you will know that this story is my own work, not based off the story of the girl who actually did it, Gabrielle Sanchez. And points to her for having the courage to do it.


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almost 2 years ago Maida Aisa Jusufovic said:

Is it over? Please dont tell me its over!


almost 2 years ago Maida Aisa Jusufovic said:

Are you ever going to write more


almost 2 years ago Maida Aisa Jusufovic said:

Please publish more or give me a code! This book is like my drug! I need more!!!!!


almost 4 years ago Tillman said:

*Flails* I love this!!!!!!

Please publish more!! Can't wait.


Aurora borealis

almost 5 years ago Jaspen Song said:

Oh, please please please give me the code! This story is amazing. I heard a girl's story who did this once, but i never realized how painful it would be.... :( your descriptions were amazingly real. Did you try this yourself, or did you interview someone who did? Marvelous. As soon as you can, please write more and give me the code. I need more. if you want to swap or something, that would be great. Just read any of my works and i will do the same. Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Mithali G. said:

I like the story and it really proves a point. I think that there's another side to the whole judging thing, though. Some people want to be nice and to not judge, but because teen pregnancy is such a controversial and complicated topic, it's kind of hard for most people to figure out how they should act about it. They're confused, and this confusion is often mistaken as rudeness or judgment, so I think it'd be great to point that out, too. Other than that, it's a great story. The idea is kind of cliche but it's your story so it's different. Teenage pregnancy is, like I said, a controversial topic so proceed with caution.