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This is my way of looking at things. No offence to anybody about this collection of poems.


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over 5 years ago Juliet Gordanier said:

that is so a stereotype people can be perfect no matter what color their hair or eyes! you just have to have self confidence and beleive that you are beautiful and then in you own eyes you can be perfect. once you aare prefect in yuor eyes then you can be perfect in other peoples eyes!


over 5 years ago Isla Yahn said:

Love this! Congrats on it being on the "All-The-Rage" feature!

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almost 6 years ago Black Roses Await said:

i love this book of peoms! it's true about a lot of girls, i think everyone has true beuty inside them even if no one can see it. oh that might make a good poem to add to ur book!

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over 6 years ago Abbi Gurdin said:

A little cliche, but it's nice. This is basically how the guys in my school are, sad as it is. There are a few typos, but still a very good job.


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about 6 years ago Nicole Noel said:

I wish this was a little longer. It is also a little stereotypical, because some people don't agree with those views. However, this is still a great piece, and I really hope you keep writing! :)