The Canvas of the Mind

The Canvas of the Mind

1 chapter / 264 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


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about 6 years ago Meagan Elizabeth said:

you have amazing talent. i love it. period. the end. haha (: but really i love it!! keep writing (:


over 6 years ago krystelle faulkener said:

Whoaaaa super duper awesome description!


over 6 years ago Salina Alicia said:

amazing and I love the cover picture : )


over 6 years ago Kiro The Soulless said:

this is really good!!


I'm so angry, i made a sign

over 5 years ago Dr. Eduard Von Sark said:

What is up with all of the versemongers on Figment that absolutely refuse to use meter? Is it too hard? Also, why is it that on your cover thing for the poem, you have a dumb-ass drawing on a wall when a piece of paper is available? Why? Overall, the poem is not worth mentioning, even if you had adhered to the standards of meter in poetry.


over 6 years ago st. hurston said:

This poem is totally jumbled..I enjoyed it because things were coming at me from all directions. The last few lines were really expressive! You've inspired me to write a few more poems! Thanks a bunch..:D