14th Birthday

14th Birthday

5 chapters / 1319 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


For: Samia (She is on figment)I have posted this up a bit early as I will be a bit busy on her birthday: **April 18** ----

Those days when she'd follow me around, when we'd wear the same clothes and look like twins, the days where we'd play tag and not have to think about anything...being children...she may be my younger sister but it feels as though I have an older sister with her there in my life...Happy Birthday sis !!! :DD



over 3 years ago Samia said:

I know I'm late but thanks sis! You're the best. You literally brought tears to my eyes as I read this beautiful piece! :)


over 3 years ago L.S. Luther said:

Wow!! I have three younger sisters and I don't think I'll ever be able to put how I feel about them in any better words than you have just now!! I absolutely love it!! Thank you for writing that, it has made me realize just how special being an older sister can be!! And even though my story was only a 14 minute read, I think I will be reading all the rest of your stories, for you are a truly blessed author!! :D Never stop writing! -LL


over 3 years ago Austin Sands said:

Being the eldest of six, this really hit home with me. You voice all of the feelings I have for my younger siblings. This was a joy to read. Keep this emotion in all of your writing and you will go far. Great work


over 3 years ago Hannah Felgenhauer said:

i really enjoyed this. And, you being so close to your sister is outstanding! That is rare, and so is your writing, it is abesuletly outstanding!



over 3 years ago Morrigan said:

These are beautiful poems and very heart warming.


over 3 years ago Dhawal said:

This awesome poem tells that you're an awesome sister! Very well written poem! I loved it, and hope the same from your sister on this beautiful present from you!