The Prince's Guide to True Love's Kiss

The Prince's Guide to True Love's Kiss

50 chapters / 82637 words

Approximately about 7 hours to read


A pandemic of maidens cursed with eternal slumber awaiting True Love's Kiss, and Prince Benedikt can't seem to wake any of them. Updates will be posted serially each week!

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about 2 years ago Summer said:

I finished this book in three days, and goodness, it was the most suspenseful and captivating fairytale story I've ever read! :) I fell in love with your humor and wit right away and found the characters extremely likable. When I reached the climax, I couldn't put the story down, because I just had to see Benedikt and Grielle end up together no matter what. Thank you for awakening my inner romantic with this amazing, wonderfully written novel. I will definitely be checking back to read your other books :)


about 2 years ago Nolia-Mae Shoemaker said:

I read this book over a two-day period of time and could not drag myself away from it until it was done!! And now that it is done I do not know what to do with myself!! The characters are so deep and relateable, and by the end of the book I feel like they're my friends. The storyline is epic; I love how everything Ben assumed was his fault ends up being Fanna's doing! I have to say that my favorite character's probably Reyn; I loved the part when Ben and Girelle caught them holding hands!! it made me chuckle! And then i almost buste my gut laughing when they told Ben to wake the guards under a sleeping spell! xD I vote for a sequel about the reuniting of the Liberators!!! :D I need more of this epic tale; this can't be the end!! It cannot be over!!! Please...? ;) Like I said, GREAT JOB, Adelyn!! Your writing style never ceases to amaze!


over 2 years ago Cassie Rose said:


Oh, ooooo, they’re KISSSSSSING! This better not be some sort of dream sequence or something! Ha ha! :P

Ha ha, ew, Ludvig, spying on them! It’s kind of cute that he’s looking out for her, though. But, don’t worry, I’ve got a plan to fix everything. Grielle only needs to pretend to be cursed or something and then Benedikt can kiss her and she’d jump up and no one would be the wiser! Ha ha!

Aw, poor Benedikt! He’s such a little puppy dog and Grielle’s like a cat. Just suddenly not interested anymore! So devastating when he tried kissing her again and she pushed him away! Gah, someone call the nurses because I just had a heart attack! *clutches heart and keels over*

And poor Grielle, too! Why is this so sad suddenly, Adelyn? *cries forever*


over 2 years ago Tarka Fayelock said:

Crying because this is over and it's so beautiful


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over 2 years ago Linda D said:

Wonderful story – and beautifully tied up with the twist of Love’s True Kiss breaking the spell.

One thing to consider is when DeSoto comes in breaking up the dance, you need a slow fading away of the crowd, music etc. it seemed too abrupt from dancing in a ballroom teeming with dancers and filled with music, to everyone’s full focus on De soto. Slow that down a little.

Pg 50 - Library fire. From the hearth crackled an inviting warmth 0 just so you don’t have “fire” twice.

Removed herself from Benedikt’s embrace…Moose’s arms – so you don’t have “arms” twice.

Well done. You did a great job with this story and I have been privileged to read it in its budding inspiration. Thank you.

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over 2 years ago Emma Carlopio said:

I love your book so much I have almost finished the whole book! Please right more stories please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed up almost every night trying to finish this book becasue it was that good