I Still Love You

I Still Love You

9 chapters / 11429 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


*Work in Progress*
Ohhkayyy I changed it again omg sorry. Erm..still same story line, I just changed it. The overall plot is the same. Also there are mild swear words in here so if you're not comfortable with that, you may not want to read this.
Nate and Holly have been best friends since...well forever. Thing is, Nate's the hottest guy in school and a total jock and Holly is just a normal girl that knows the real him under all that cover. They finally confess and tell each other they want to be more than friends. Right when everything's looking up, they go through a terrible accident. Luckily, both of them survived but Nate seemed to forget some things.
© 2013 Emily W


Romance, Drama, Novel



almost 5 years ago Aniace said:

You need to continue.

Nicki prof 2 2 2

almost 5 years ago Nicola said:

CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE :) hahahaha nice cliffhanger. Now you've got me hooked!! But that's a good thing. Means you have great work :)


almost 5 years ago Aniace said:

please continue


about 5 years ago Angieee said:

Hi! Care to swap? I'll read/ heart anything you want me to, as long as you heart my story 'Just Say Yes'. Thank you! Post on my profile what you would like me to read in return!



over 4 years ago Pretty Flower said:

Your story was amazing! I really enjoyed of how you described the character, the whole plot and their feelings towards each other. It does have some tragedies but they make it even better. Great job!!! :D


over 4 years ago AndreaTheWolfie said:

I was never one for these kinds of stories, so I can't judge you very fairly. If I seem harsh, feel free to yell right back:)

The beginning seemed just a little to cheesy. So far, I'm seeing her with this perfect house, family, life, all that, even thought you try to simmer it down by saying she's not the cheerleader type. I do, however, like Nathan's character. He's very realistic to me, even his relationship to the MC despite his popularity. Even though he's an ass, I can't help but love him;) Grammar wise: you have a few unecessary adjectives in different places, I mostly noticed them in the first chapter. If you delete them, you'll also be deleting uneeded info, which just adds clutter to a story.

I liked your little casting thing at the end. *swoons over Josh Hutcherson;) I can see this being a cute little movie.