Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

41 chapters / 70224 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read



In Progress
Last Updated: January 3rd, 2015
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Dreams can never be forgotten.


She never knew that she was only living half a life... she didn't even know the real reason why her mother died. And boy problems? Don't even get her started. He was an isolationist, loner without a cause, and he liked it that way. The two meet in the most impossible way but inside every impossibility is a possibility. Dreams can be chased, dreams can be crushed, but dreams can never be forgotten.

Name Meanings

***{Nahlia: sweet, bringer of gospel, radiance, knowledgeable, purpose, she who is alone
***{Hunter: power, hunter





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about 3 years ago Zea Pturin said:

Yay, update! AH this is amazing.


about 3 years ago Myranda Hosley said:

This is amazing! Please keep writing! :3

Milan london

over 3 years ago mena london said:



over 3 years ago queen tic said:

All I'm going to say is 74 hearts is WAY too much. To be honest even 5 would be.



over 3 years ago Delilah Rose said:

Okay, so I could only read the first chapter. HOWEVER, I think the book is brilliant already! The way you constantly use the best of your abilities and use the best vocabulary in every sentence is phenomenal. You should be very proud.

I don't know if you know this, but a paragraph in Chapter 1 is copied onto another. You may have meant to, I dunno. Also, once you spelt Malia's name wrong and put Mahlia. JUst to let you know!

This book was epic, and I really must find the time to read the rest. Keep on shining and never stop writing! :3

~Ayse Avan xoxo


over 3 years ago HermitCap said:

I really like the effort you put into this work. The beginning does a good job to hook the reader. Some minor grammar errors but I think other people might have already mentioned this. I like how your details goes straight to the point( I don't enjoy reading over elaborate details that are very long) but I can understand how other readers would like a little more detail. I enjoy how far you got with this book. Good job!