The Gift of the Dreamseer

The Gift of the Dreamseer

71 chapters / 123326 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


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This is still a rough draft! Feel free to point out any plot holes, spelling errors, etc.


CONTENT WARNING: Contains graphic depictions of violence. Recommended for mature readers over 13.

The Gift of the Dreamseer is a fantasy novel that follows the story of multiple characters during the late years of the lengthy war between countries Abicia and Dehrwany. Mya Carrahym is an Abician Dreamseer, a person who see the future in their dreams. She begins training as a mage’s apprentice even though her dreams tell her it is not her destiny and despite her attempts to avoid the war, she eventually gets drafted in as a battle mage after Dehrwany breaks the no-magic treaty. Meanwhile, in the country of Marazzin, Ketrech, an intelligent and talented mage, hires the infamous killer Fera Danizzar as his assassin in attempt to break into the palace of the Empress to find her forbidden spellbook - the only thing that could possibly resurrect his dead sister. Sandryn F’nett, a writer and adventurer, travels to the country of Cassamyr to find the woman he loves - the powerful but insane queen and dragon rider, Tristine Dennin, while his brother Tayvin commands Abicia’s army and his sister Elyse plots to take over the kingdom.


Action, Fantasy, Novel



8 days ago Madison L.H. said:

I've decided to start reading this now, and the prologue has me hooked. Can't wait to read more tomorrow. :)


19 days ago Moses Lingle said:

I've read so far from the Prologue to Chapter Three. I'll read some more later. So far, it's really, really good! However, some tips: When writing monologue in the form of a thought, you need to use italics to clarify it as being separate from the rest. It tends to confuse readers otherwise, making it difficult to tell where the monologue ends. Also, get a good proof read.

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20 days ago E. Anderson said:

Only read the prologue, but I'll be back for more! This is really good.


24 days ago oilly said:

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about 13 hours ago Red said:

Chapter 32:

Now, it's Kierra's dad's turn.

Wow, it takes some skill to make me hate someone right off in the first paragraph.

"What a fool he was, for not taking the chance when he had it"...EIGHT FREAKING YEARS! I thought he didn't kill her immediately because he had some humanity in him, but I guess he was just acting like a complete fool.

"Have you been overtaken by the darkness as well?"

1) Shouldn't it be overwhelmed or overcome?

2) Is Kierra's dad the descendant of Darth Sidious?

Lol...okay I take what I said back. The king is unintentionally funny.

"It is only dark forces that lead you stray"...see? Pure gold.

"Why, your predecessor, of course?" his own son...

Aww...they got out...I would have wanted them to suffer a bit longer, just to see how the king would implode from within :(


about 13 hours ago Red said:

Chapter 31:

"He could not understand why it was there though"...redundant since the first line already tells that much.

Oi vey...Fera doesn't have any tact at all...

"Do you even think before you murder?"...sigh...

"Still, I would greatly appreciate it if you don't kill...", yeah, lay down the law, that mild request is definitely going to go through to the head of an insane assassin.

"...hitting every guard in less than a minute"...that's actually pretty long. the lot of them were killed...and no one heard all the commotion of a bunch of guards running through the complex?