The Gift of the Dreamseer

The Gift of the Dreamseer

71 chapters / 123326 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


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This is still a rough draft! Feel free to point out any plot holes, spelling errors, etc.


CONTENT WARNING: Contains graphic depictions of violence. Recommended for mature readers over 13.

The Gift of the Dreamseer is a fantasy novel that follows the story of multiple characters during the late years of the lengthy war between countries Abicia and Dehrwany. Mya Carrahym is an Abician Dreamseer, a person who see the future in their dreams. She begins training as a mage’s apprentice even though her dreams tell her it is not her destiny and despite her attempts to avoid the war, she eventually gets drafted in as a battle mage after Dehrwany breaks the no-magic treaty. Meanwhile, in the country of Marazzin, Ketrech, an intelligent and talented mage, hires the infamous killer Fera Danizzar as his assassin in attempt to break into the palace of the Empress to find her forbidden spellbook - the only thing that could possibly resurrect his dead sister. Sandryn F’nett, a writer and adventurer, travels to the country of Cassamyr to find the woman he loves - the powerful but insane queen and dragon rider, Tristine Dennin, while his brother Tayvin commands Abicia’s army and his sister Elyse plots to take over the kingdom.


Action, Fantasy, Novel



7 months ago Moses Lingle said:

Oh, yes- also, very few mistakes, kudos on that! All I even recall noticing was what I mentioned in below comment.


7 months ago Moses Lingle said:

In Chapter Eleven, where you said, "passerbies..." that needs to be, "passersby." A preposition cannot be plural, therefore in every such case you pluralize the noun. I'm nearly done with this segment of reading. Sorry I haven't gotten back to it sooner; I haven't forgotten our agreement. I've been very busy lately and it's been hard to find the time to sit down and read- not to mention I've got a fan hanging on every word of my new book, "A Four-Letter Word," so I've got to keep it going.


7 months ago Madison L.H. said:

I've decided to start reading this now, and the prologue has me hooked. Can't wait to read more tomorrow. :)


8 months ago Moses Lingle said:

I've read so far from the Prologue to Chapter Three. I'll read some more later. So far, it's really, really good! However, some tips: When writing monologue in the form of a thought, you need to use italics to clarify it as being separate from the rest. It tends to confuse readers otherwise, making it difficult to tell where the monologue ends. Also, get a good proof read.



about 1 month ago jaz said:

Chapter 44

They’re on shore leave? How pleasant. Although hasn’t it been assumed that she had already quit considering that she had been gone for weeks XD She should’ve told her this already before leaving though. Maybe say that she had just forgotten?

And this just proves how small the world really is. Everyone is just about related to everybody else. I know F’nett is a large family haha so no need to tell me.

Allowed? More like conscripted. Maybe say “allowed” with quotes. That should be fun.

Say. Mya is still stationed here in… Mosanrry was it? So yeah during breaks, she can very easily visit.

A dragon just swooped out of nowhere and seared the entire battlefield. I sort of understand her brother.

Higher middle class still counts as wealthy.

Ah there it is. Kierra. I forgot about her name on my last review. She didn’t even set foot on the battlefield, yes? I honestly would’ve loved to see how all of them would work as a unit before the dragon actually swooped in, but oh well.

You know what they say. Food is more delicious if you ‘share’ from others.

If they’re all in uniforms then how could Kierra be allowed to wear the hood?

She’s the opposite of a light mage. Although I’ve seen some people in shows that actually succeed in impersonating a magic type but actually use the opposite because of the thin line of difference. Like a powerful disease caster actually pretends to be a weak healer. So in Kierra’s case, how can she use darkness to illuminate if there is not a speck of light anywhere?

Well she’s literally starving. Skin and bones, remember?

A leg of lamb isn’t THAT big. But by comparison, the girls are puny.

She isn’t a sadist, really? Maybe the actual fact that she killed people and snuffed out actual human lives hasn’t dawned in yet.

Yup. Everyone is related to everyone else. I’m honestly enjoying this chapter. I love casual conversations way better than too much narration that already spelled a lot of the plot.

Ah there we go. None of them had actually seen Kierra without the hood, so I get it. Hopefully she starts opening up soon.

I forgot about Lissandra. Would she be pouty that they didn’t ask her to come along?

Party… was that a festival or were the army celebrating because of the win? Anyway good chap overall.


2 months ago jaz said:

Chapter 42

It’s nice to see you again Elisrin. Last I saw you, you clonked the king on the head… if I recall it right.

And we all know how outrageous King Rynbur’s theories are.

Street names are murder to write, right? Just use a name generator. Anything will do.

Yeah… the other girl… the shadow girl, I forgot her name, had the same reactions and mannerisms. It’s called the sun, dear.

Is this kid a normal one? I would’ve expected Elisrin to be educated by an older person. Kids would find her weird after her first three questions.

How true. Yeah she is still a priest. Church first you know. But still, the conversation was sweet.

I thought Elisrin was different. She displays similar bias against commoners. At least she’s nicer about it though.

Ah the people now know that Aldere had died?

Yeah, he was that mentally unstable. Getting rid of the darkness is as stupid as trying to black out the sun.

She told her backstory to a stranger. I know she’s trusting and all, but maybe these topics are a bit too delicate to tell someone you only just met.

The logical reason as why you have so much darkness ‘corrupting’ you is because you live in a cave XD.

He never trusted anyone to begin with. Heck he would’ve had you executed at the tip of a hat if you hadn’t invoked flattery.

Age 15. She’s even younger than I thought. Same age as the executed brother… I believe? Anyway you better stay away from the good king if you know what’s good for you.

All the parenthesis for the names kinda bother me. Just make up some bread or whatever name. Creamy raisin loaf, or peach filled bread…

How did she know which bread is which? It’s a nitpicky question so feel free to ignore me.

A single commotion and she thinks it’s the king? So is she running towards or away from him? Anyway this chap had been mostly conversations. It’s actually good since I got to know more about Elisrin. But maybe slow down a little and give her more time with Marsen so she might actually snap out of her dear king’s delusions.