The Gift of the Dreamseer

The Gift of the Dreamseer

71 chapters / 123326 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


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This is still a rough draft! Feel free to point out any plot holes, spelling errors, etc.


CONTENT WARNING: Contains graphic depictions of violence. Recommended for mature readers over 13.

The Gift of the Dreamseer is a fantasy novel that follows the story of multiple characters during the late years of the lengthy war between countries Abicia and Dehrwany. Mya Carrahym is an Abician Dreamseer, a person who see the future in their dreams. She begins training as a mage’s apprentice even though her dreams tell her it is not her destiny and despite her attempts to avoid the war, she eventually gets drafted in as a battle mage after Dehrwany breaks the no-magic treaty. Meanwhile, in the country of Marazzin, Ketrech, an intelligent and talented mage, hires the infamous killer Fera Danizzar as his assassin in attempt to break into the palace of the Empress to find her forbidden spellbook - the only thing that could possibly resurrect his dead sister. Sandryn F’nett, a writer and adventurer, travels to the country of Cassamyr to find the woman he loves - the powerful but insane queen and dragon rider, Tristine Dennin, while his brother Tayvin commands Abicia’s army and his sister Elyse plots to take over the kingdom.


Action, Fantasy, Novel



about 1 month ago Moses Lingle said:

Oh, yes- also, very few mistakes, kudos on that! All I even recall noticing was what I mentioned in below comment.


about 1 month ago Moses Lingle said:

In Chapter Eleven, where you said, "passerbies..." that needs to be, "passersby." A preposition cannot be plural, therefore in every such case you pluralize the noun. I'm nearly done with this segment of reading. Sorry I haven't gotten back to it sooner; I haven't forgotten our agreement. I've been very busy lately and it's been hard to find the time to sit down and read- not to mention I've got a fan hanging on every word of my new book, "A Four-Letter Word," so I've got to keep it going.


about 1 month ago Madison L.H. said:

I've decided to start reading this now, and the prologue has me hooked. Can't wait to read more tomorrow. :)


about 1 month ago Moses Lingle said:

I've read so far from the Prologue to Chapter Three. I'll read some more later. So far, it's really, really good! However, some tips: When writing monologue in the form of a thought, you need to use italics to clarify it as being separate from the rest. It tends to confuse readers otherwise, making it difficult to tell where the monologue ends. Also, get a good proof read.



about 16 hours ago Ané Lombaard said:

Chapter 37

So we start of in the middle of the action, awesome!

I can’t believe Niarri finds the time to lecture! “Stop talking and start fighting” tell her Tayvinn! One voice of reason :D

The way energy magic works is very interesting.

This part is surprisingly funny for a battle scene XD “Don’t help me!”

I’ve never seen this spelling variant of chainmail before. I’m glad to finally read a story where the author actually understands how armour works and what chainmail is, I’ve read some pretty weird things on figment.

For a moment I thought Niarri was punching herself... She’s so weirdly unfazed by the battle. Aside from blinding people, or if they’re fighting at night, I don’t see how much help she could be either. Perhaps the people in charge should have worked on tactics with the mages beforehand.

Wow, she must be flexible to see the scar on her own back. I can’t do that at all.

“She had been wounded a few times” not “a few time”. The entire paragraph could use restructuring as it’s a bit confusing to read. At least she’s enjoying herself :D

“Her hard work to get this tough, this tolerant of pain, had paid off.” I had to re-read this sentence a few times to understand it, maybe try to phrase it differently?

Oh my gosh, she self-harms??? Noooooooo :( She’s like a berserker. Correct me if I’m wrong, but resilience doesn’t seem like the right word here. And her enjoying the killing is worrying me, it’s not exactly healthy, is it?

All the different perspectives are really interesting, I must say. The mages are surprisingly excited about the fighting.

I don’t remember if you told me before, but why is Tayvin in the military if he hates killing? Poor Tayvin :(

I haven’t considered that mage healers weren’t allowed to help in the war before, I’m glad they’re involved now, so many more lives can be saved.

I have to agree with Jestin on this.

You had me scared about Avaminn there for a minute!

What could Nidaris conjure to compete with a dragon? ANOTHER DRAGON?


1 day ago Ané Lombaard said:

Chapter 36

“For the fifth time …” this is pretty funny.

It’s ironic a drunk Fera is safer than a sober one.

Leaving Fera alone is probably a dangerous idea. I too wonder about her past. Is her superhuman abilities due to magic? Never mind, the question answered itself.

Ooh, I’m guessing the spellbook is or will be important. Yep. It was right, I knew it!

Almond milk? What’s that like?

I did not expect Ketrech to be an optimist. I would rather sleep outside.

“Look at this” “You know I can’t read” this is really funny as well.

The bit about killing people and absorbing some of their power is really interesting. It reminds me of how Voldemort worked, though I know it’s a bit different.

That’s a lot of kills for one person! Seriously, she’s like a machine! It explains how she’s so superhuman now, but how did she kill so many in the first place? Wow.