The Gift of the Dreamseer

The Gift of the Dreamseer

71 chapters / 123326 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


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This is still a rough draft! Feel free to point out any plot holes, spelling errors, etc.


CONTENT WARNING: Contains graphic depictions of violence. Recommended for mature readers over 13.

The Gift of the Dreamseer is a fantasy novel that follows the story of multiple characters during the late years of the lengthy war between countries Abicia and Dehrwany. Mya Carrahym is an Abician Dreamseer, a person who see the future in their dreams. She begins training as a mage’s apprentice even though her dreams tell her it is not her destiny and despite her attempts to avoid the war, she eventually gets drafted in as a battle mage after Dehrwany breaks the no-magic treaty. Meanwhile, in the country of Marazzin, Ketrech, an intelligent and talented mage, hires the infamous killer Fera Danizzar as his assassin in attempt to break into the palace of the Empress to find her forbidden spellbook - the only thing that could possibly resurrect his dead sister. Sandryn F’nett, a writer and adventurer, travels to the country of Cassamyr to find the woman he loves - the powerful but insane queen and dragon rider, Tristine Dennin, while his brother Tayvin commands Abicia’s army and his sister Elyse plots to take over the kingdom.


Action, Fantasy, Novel



3 months ago Moses Lingle said:

Oh, yes- also, very few mistakes, kudos on that! All I even recall noticing was what I mentioned in below comment.


3 months ago Moses Lingle said:

In Chapter Eleven, where you said, "passerbies..." that needs to be, "passersby." A preposition cannot be plural, therefore in every such case you pluralize the noun. I'm nearly done with this segment of reading. Sorry I haven't gotten back to it sooner; I haven't forgotten our agreement. I've been very busy lately and it's been hard to find the time to sit down and read- not to mention I've got a fan hanging on every word of my new book, "A Four-Letter Word," so I've got to keep it going.


3 months ago Madison L.H. said:

I've decided to start reading this now, and the prologue has me hooked. Can't wait to read more tomorrow. :)


4 months ago Moses Lingle said:

I've read so far from the Prologue to Chapter Three. I'll read some more later. So far, it's really, really good! However, some tips: When writing monologue in the form of a thought, you need to use italics to clarify it as being separate from the rest. It tends to confuse readers otherwise, making it difficult to tell where the monologue ends. Also, get a good proof read.



2 days ago Red said:

Chapter 39:

Yes, people, off to celebrate or think about your superior's words. Just think about the appearance of a nearly extinct species as something to be glossed's not like it won you the entire battle or anything...okay, I am sorry, but seriously though, one doesn't just shrug off a dragon like that.

Mmm...wasn't Avaminn in battle because she wanted Tayvin to acknowledge her as a warrior? Did Tayvin give her that acknowledgement or not?

"We have to avoid civilian deaths."...what? Wasn't this war BECAUSE of the fact that there's too little resources? Wouldn't killing people in said war be reducing the population and saving said resources? I know that it's not the most altruistic of reasons, but still a viable one cause there's a war going on. And tell me which war didn't have bombings or any sort of under handed assualt on innocent people just to reduce morale?

Oh...yeah, I never noticed that Kirse never actually fought...but shouldn't Jestin be punished for insubordination?

Did something happen to Mya? She seems to be oddly depressed.

And you might want to focus on some descriptions, like how Jestin's quarters looked like and the layout. Nothing much. Just a general description.


2 days ago Red said:

Chapter 38:

"His heart may have been in the right place"...ha!

King logic: "You fool, only the chosen ones deserve let's ask the gods on how we can remove the darkness of our city."...oh who am I kidding? He's like the book version of an online troll, isn't he? And as such...I shall ignore him.

I shall stop pointing out all the nonsensical lines cause nonsense is their purpose.

...For some reason, by following the above policy, I seem to have arrived at the end of the chapter.

"People began chasing her"...what people? People with too much time on their hands, no doubt.

Overall, quite funny and not meant to be taken seriously, though it's really odd that a group of people dressed in royal clothes wouldn't be noticed by anyone.