The Poem of Me

The Poem of Me

1 chapter / 90 words

Approximately half a minute to read


This is a poem of me. If there are spelling errors... sorry.


Eleanor cole 15

over 5 years ago Eleanor Cole said:

Its amazing how short of a poem you write that conveys so much emotion, raw, beautiful and real. You didn't feel the need to go over the top with figurative language; you just stated the facts as they were, yet that didn't sacrifice the abstract beauty of the piece. This demonstrates lots of talent and I commend you. You deserved every heart you got on this poem.


over 5 years ago Maire Dei said:

Very short but it speaks a lot of raw emotions here. I can relate.


over 5 years ago Baffy Pie Crust said:

is that u in the picture?

I love books!

almost 6 years ago Mwape lillian Chibuye said:

LOvely poem.I can relate.



over 3 years ago Crystal Rose Selburn said:

This was a great poem, I would love to read more. Keep writing and inspiring.


over 5 years ago Ariadne said:

You say this is a poem of you but it doesn't really say anything about you except for the books over parties. THe rest was of what the poem wasn't. Or were you insinuating that you are the type where you avoid the question and kind of give an answer that is related to what's being asked but not what they meant? If not then sorry, I was just wondering.