Gemina (Winner GoodvsEvil)

Gemina (Winner GoodvsEvil)

1 chapter / 389 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This short story will be released as a full-length novel in 2016!

Twin sisters, born of the stars. Each bears a gift; one blessed and one cursed. I can save. She can take . . . but only if I allow it.



over 3 years ago Sydney R said:

This was very interesting. I really liked it. When I was reading this, I was expecting the sister to take the wife's life. I'm glad I was wrong.

This was very good, and you definitely deserved to win.


over 3 years ago Adelyn said:

This is seriously amazing! Congratulations on the win!

Gun girl

over 3 years ago Erika Maxwell said:

I love the last sentence; congrats on winning the contest. :)


over 3 years ago Theory said:

Wow...just, wow. That is awesome. Especially for 389 words. Good job on winning the contest! :)


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