1 chapter / 608 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A girl watches as a small spider invades her living room, but she's not the only one. To her four-legged companion, the intruder is just another playmate.



almost 3 years ago Chris Simmons said:

so playful, i have to say nice work, very playful piece, indeed. well done.


almost 3 years ago M. A. Darling said:

I was going to leave a review, but I enjoyed this so much, I'd rather just gush over how cute and sweet the story is.


almost 3 years ago Morgan Taylor said:

This was absolutely wonderful. It was such a simple story but you really bought it to life!



almost 3 years ago Sarah Schiffman said:

I really like this overall. Your story flows really well, and you have some great description. You have some great humor in it as well. Your grammar is pretty spot on, and I didn't really notice any glaring issues. I will say that many of your sentences start the same way, but this can be more of a stylistic thing. You wrote the character's point of view really well, and I could feel what they felt. This was written very relatably, and it feels like something many of us could and will experience at some point. This is a really great peice of writing.

Bird cage girl

almost 3 years ago K.M. said:

Hey! You posted on the forum, so here I am ^_^ Anyways, this is a really fabulous piece that includes fear, bravery, reality, and humor. I think you gracefully and fluidly combined these elements and that you did so in an intriguing and interesting way. I love how you describe the spider as if it were a piece of moving art, and how the differences between the cat and the person were so apparent yet brilliantly subtle (if that makes any sense). Further, your ending was "scary" but also humorous in that it closed the story with a hint of reality. Again, great job: this was a really fantastic piece.