25 chapters / 29166 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


It's not what you'd expect.



almost 3 years ago Gracie Welling said:

Sam I just love this! Everything about it makes me smile, laugh, cry; just so unexpected. :P I have to say I have a certain fascination with Eddard the Adventurer. He seems like he gets out of a lot of close scrapes to write his books. If he existed I would very much like to meet him. :D All of them actually, even Wilbur. Keep it up! This is fantastic.

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over 3 years ago Neona Nyx said:

I really like how you explain your characters before actually starting the story. But it kind of bored me so much that I probably won't have read the actual story. But overall I liked it.


over 3 years ago Julianna Ceron said:

As you wished, I read the story and I love your writing style, please keep up the your amazig-ness lol :)

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over 3 years ago Eden Winslow said:

great job with this book! I love it so far and hope to read more soon.



over 3 years ago Ash Tokyo said:

Oh Lordy this was hilarious! I think you did a smashing job introducing Wilbur in the beginning. You combined every single theory, stereotype, insult and conspiracy to create a character that we'd all love to hate. I think you used some really funny descriptions to help the reader visualise Wilbur, one of my favourite, FAVOURITE lines were about him being a breeding experiment going wrong between a troll and a rock. I can totally see why Evil League of Evil is following this so intensely. I can imagine this being a sort of love-to-hate character in a TV or movie :'D

Not only did you do an excellent job creating Wilbur, but Roger and Celeste were described equally as zealously. I loved how you incorporated their role shaping Wilbur (literally) so extensively. It gives you a lot of leeway to blame them for the way their child turned out. Dexter was another one of my favourites. I really couldn't think of the name 'DiSchnozz' without breaking down into hysterics because I always thought that 'schnoz' meant nose. It wasn't cliched at all that Dexter was so perfect and Wilbur wasn't, it added to the humour and angst and hopelessness of Wilbur's life.

I liked the way you got into the story. The first chapter I'm guessing was mainly a way for you to introduce Wilbur and Dexter extensively before launching into the adventure. This was good because you allowed the reader to get to know them really well before continuing as opposed to guessing their way throughout the rest of the book. I like how you were detailed with each character you introduced. People usually only bother to do that in th beginning, but I could see your attention to detail throughout such as the entire few paragraphs dedicated to Amelia Jane and her parents. I think adding the bit about Sid the Guardian was brilliant, and I love how you end each chapter with a sort of vague sentence that makes the reader want to turn the page and carry on 'til the end.

Now, I can't be this detailed for each chapter, or I'll be here forever, so let me start summarising. I love how Chapter 3 came with that disclaimer about throwing up. I thought it was kind of funny, and the warning reminding me of something from a Lemony Snickets book :'D Your description is vivd throughout, and you make sure to take your readers into perspective by giving them a lot of things to visualise with more clarity. I think your characters are very relatable, and in their own way end up beating the stereotype they have been associated with. I love how some of the stories intertwine, and I think you had some very funny moments throughout. I really enjoyed reading this!

Well done and happy writing! :)