No More Sunlight

No More Sunlight

1 chapter / 985 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Not really sure what about yet :)



over 5 years ago Fire and Ice said:

wow! I wish I could write like this! This is just amazing!


almost 6 years ago Arie Ellen said:

All i can say is wow! And that was so sweet and pretty much amazing! i love the detail! keep writing!:)


over 6 years ago Sam Cope said:

This is great. Fantastic descriptions and beautiful writing. I don't really see where it's going, but then from your description neither do you :P. But I'd love to read more anyways. You have the set up for a great story here.


over 6 years ago Justine O'Connor said:

You've really got my interested here. First of all, you're wording is absolutely excellent. The story flows so nicely. I'm a bit confused but I'm sure you'll clear it up in future chapters without a doubt. I'm looking forward to see what comes from this.



almost 6 years ago Harris Lodi said:

Basically, your short story, "No More Sunlight" was one of the most professional works of literature that I have read in the year 2012! Some of the things that worked for this story was the large amount of sensory imagery device you used in your story; it really helps readers relate to and understand the settings, and situations that took place in your story. The dialogue between the characters, was also insightful as it helped the readers learn more about the characters backgrounds and more about them. However, apart from those characteristics, there were a few aspect about your story that I had some trouble understanding. I didn't understand the second part of your story, the part were Taya wakes up either from a nightmare, or into a nightmare. That part of the story makes it really interesting, however it remains confusing, which in turn makes it hard to know what exactly happens to Taya, how it happened, and how it will impact Taya's future. It would really help clear the confusion, if you were to elaborate on the second part of the story with the same level of detail as you did on the first part. Apart from that, it was a great story and I look forward to reading more stories that you may write in the future.


over 6 years ago J.H. said:

I love this story so much it is one of my favorite things to read on figment! like many people before me have said you really put in a lot of detail and makes the story very vivid. nice job!