Burden of Guilt

Burden of Guilt

1 chapter / 251 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Using words to express the feeling of guilt and regret. My attempt at expressive poetry.


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over 3 years ago Lily Jayne said:

"So don't give me those crocodile tears, they are nothing but a scaly facade." LOVE these two lines. Your first stanza already drew me in to the rest of the poem, as did the topic of love but I'm just a sucker for darker romance poetry.

I really like the language and word choice in this. It gives off more of an ancient feel but then turns modern within a stanza and then goes right back. It's diverse so the reader doesn't get bored. I feel like a lot of people could relate to this poem and that's the point, creating something that others can connect with and this was a very good example. Your emotions were raw and unashamed, put out there for anyone to take and I liked how they changed dramatically, from wishing the lover to the pits of hell to wanting to send a forgivness kiss. The cover of this is really lovely too, even thought that has nothing to do with the writing, it goes good with the overall poem. I like how you compared the lover to a gem on a seabed of abandoned sells, it created a really interesting image in my head and I love when short peices of writing give such good imagery. It kept my interest the whole way and I found myself going back to re read my favorite lines, especially the first stanza that captivated me right from the start. This was lovely and dark and dramatic and diverse, I really liked it.


over 3 years ago Audrey Grace said:

Yes. I like this. You're poetry is so unique, and true to you. Keep it that way. This is structured nicely and very descriptive and heart felt. Excellent job. I'm a proud friend. :)

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over 3 years ago LEXIE EVELYN said:

a poet ... lol nicccccccceeeeeeee


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