The Beautiful Undead

The Beautiful Undead

6 chapters / 7352 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


It had been a dream that turned into a nightmare.
The Beautiful Undead vampires have taken over the modeling world. And when the most beautiful and successful undead model Viv, commits suicide, the dark secrets of the industry are found in her journal, and the gruesome and bloody truth of the day-and-the-life of being a Beautiful Undead are exposed.



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over 5 years ago Megan Ann said:

Nice! And I like the simplicity of the cover. My friend 'Her' and I are trying to write an adventure book right now that's short and easy to read called The Difference Between Us- think you could check it out? :)

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almost 7 years ago Isobella Jade said:

Aw Thanks, what you read is actually the Prologue, I just added "Prologue" to the content to make that more clear. What follows is the story of Viv which told through her journal entries from her experience being a Beautiful Undead model in NYC and her transformation into TBU modeling industry, it isn't always pretty. She writes in her journal about the good and very ugly and very bloody moments. She has been though a lot to have the lifestyle of a Beautiful Undead and in the Prologue you can see she now has guilt and confusion over what she has seen, been through, experienced and witnessed. She has been a part of the deaths of other's in the industry, the crimes, and love affairs. And, Yes she has killed herself. Her journal was taken by Helena, - a last minute visitor, (who I suppose opens the journal) and what you will read further each week is what was inside Viv's journal. :) I fixed the "what,"-a layout issue, I'm just getting the hang of Figment and it seems pretty cool so far. I am happy to hear from you, thanks for checking TBU out :)


almost 7 years ago Emily Kane said:

Very intriguing beginning. ANTM meets vampires. The Beautiful Undead is a fantastic title. I am eager to read the next chapter; does your narrator really die right off the bat? There were a few awkward lines like "his face is always in my face", and an extra 'enter' between the 'w' and 'h' of 'what' pretty early on. Very unique concept, though. I haven't ever heard of a professional undead community, and it is very intriguing.


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