Fear It Not

Fear It Not

1 chapter / 216 words

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Just an experiment, really. Please heart/comment/review!


Writing, Drama, Poetry



about 5 years ago Lily E. said:

Beautiful... I guessed some letters were in brackets because you gave us a clue about the rythm. Nice job!

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over 6 years ago Eden McAlister said:

This is really good, and just the type of writing that i like to read. the thing about writing is, if i like it, i get jealous. and i'm jealous. grrrrr.


over 6 years ago C.W. Nab said:

Very powerful experiment. It's really good!


over 6 years ago Julia Joules said:

I don't like this piece. I thinl the formetting distracts from the content and meaning, but don't think the meaning was well expressed. it seemed emotional, but seemed more emotion than good writing. It also seems drawn out and an overdone concept that you could have enhanced by focusing more on your writing and literary devices used.


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about 5 years ago Zach Thomas said:

I have a friend who puts messages inside of his poetry using capital letters.

for those who didn't get it, like the guy below me:

Death is not to be feared.


over 6 years ago Fire Story said:

This is really good but kinda confusing! I didn't get why some of the first letters in words were in brackets. It made it harder to read. Otherwise it is inticeing and a good poem!