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Okay, so this used to be a novel I was very proud of, when I realized that I was to proud of it to put it on a website until it gets published. JK, I want it to get published, but who doesn't? So, I made it into a short story! If anyone who actually wants to read more, please tell me and maybe I'll put it up again.
Millie's life seems normal. That is, until her brother gets addicted to drugs and crosses a line. A line that should never be crossed and now he can never go back. But Millie, so naive and innocent, is pulled into something much sadder, much more horrible, that anyone could imagine.



about 6 years ago Jessica Miller said:

please post the rest of this! ahhhhh! you can't leave us with such a cliff-hanger like that! What happens to Millie??? your writing is very vivid and descriptive, btw.

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over 6 years ago Rose Sierra Blazfer said:

Your delivery was amazing...it was just incredible!!! When you wrote about Tom having a gun to the mother's head, I jumped back from the computer and literally gasped. Then I got weird looks from my family...anyway, I really really hope you continue this! I'm excited to see how it ends!


over 6 years ago Alza said:

This was so sad. I want to find out about the Mother-Son relationship! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!


over 6 years ago Marlin said:

This was very well written! In the first chapter, I got this sense of foreboding from the beginning, great job at capturing the mood. I love how your sentences got very short and chopped when Millie's father died. It represented the feeling of shock perfectly.

Keep going with this, it has great potential!


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over 6 years ago Danie Grace said:

The conflict here is intense, and it makes for great microtension. I can't wait to read more of this!

The dynamics between the characters were particularly delightful. there's a lot of tension between the mother and the son, and the dynamics of father daughter are also intense!