Gender Mole

Gender Mole

1 chapter / 128 words

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I wrote this poem about overcoming gender roles.
(if your going to review this, keep in mind this is a light hearted poem that was for fun)



over 3 years ago Rayne Lovett said:

Haha this is so funny! :P It's nice that you managed to encapsulate the idea of gender roles (which is a huge topic and a serious one too) in a few choice rhymes. The last line was hilarious. I salute your amazing writing ability! :)


over 3 years ago Sovereign Lights said:

This poem shows how gender roles should be overcome. I think this was a humorous and creative way of saying "Be yourself". :)


over 3 years ago Sovereign Lights said:

No truer words written. Bravo. *slow clap*


over 3 years ago Emma Lee said:

I really like the concept of this poem, and I felt like it has the potential to be great, but I wasn't a huge fan of how it was executed. Honestly, my first problem is that I don't really like poems that rhyme, but that's just a personal preference. My main problem with this poem is that I feel like it was rushed, and while it did get your point across, it could have had a few more stanzas to really hit hard and leave an impact.



over 3 years ago A. Hulse said:

I like the idea you had of writing a comedic poem about a serious topic, but it kind of comes across as very childish. What you write about gender is very cliched and it seems like you don't really know much on the topic. The idea is nice and you do have a good ability to make the poem rhyme and flow though.

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over 3 years ago Matsuo Risa said:

I really liked it. I only saw one thing: cant needs to have an apostrophe.