Severxance Saga - Book 1: The Warren

Severxance Saga - Book 1: The Warren

1 chapter / 4336 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


Lulworth Cove, England, 1348: Washed up on Earth with no plans, no memory, and no way home alien Foster Luck is soon abandoned by his two travel companions who go their separate ways. One’s on a mission, one was forced here against his will, and neither want anything to do with him. Worse, they left him holding an infant whose parents died in the teleport accident. Foster raises the boy, Quinn, as his own. But it isn’t until Quinn hunts him down in his next life that Foster realizes how inseparable they’ve become. While Quinn reincarnates, Foster’s alien body seems invincible. He’s also carrying a mysterious bio program in his head. Over the course of 666 years, Foster and Quinn work on the Warren Project–learning why the aliens are here and how to build a way home. But the deeper Quinn looks in the project, the more questions he has about himself. The Warren is book one in a deeply woven saga built on laser-sharp wit and wisdom. One thing is certain: some things never get old.


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