Snow White, Rose Red

Snow White, Rose Red

2 chapters / 1497 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


This tale has been told many times before, but never like this.


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



over 5 years ago Laina O'Shields said:

As with your other stories, i did notice spelling errors scattered throughout. Have you ever tried typing your story into a Word document, and then copying and pasting it over? That's what i do, and you have a LOT less mistakes. I find it very helpful :) I'm a huge fairytale fanatic, but this is one story i have NOT read yet. I've got all the Andrew Lang fairytale books on my library list though for this summer.


almost 6 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Great start to your story! This is one of my favorite fairy tales, so I was excited to read it. You do a good job at establishing the sisters and their personalities early on, but I think that Snow is a bit too perceptive at times. What I mean is that she seems to already know the bear's secret, or, at least, gives to reader too many hints (like spending so much time on describing the bear's voice).

Other than that, I think you're doing a good job on your story. Keep going! :)


almost 6 years ago Sarah Brown said:

This is intriguing. Love it!(:


almost 6 years ago Rowan Shaw said:

I can't wait to read the rest of this! It's really, really good!



over 5 years ago Zara Hoffman said:

Great beginning...I want more!!! This sounds really interesting and I want to continue reading.


almost 6 years ago Helena Valvur said:

This is a really great retelling of this story! I can't wait to see more! However, you have a LOT of spelling mistakes, and a couple of grammatical errors as well. You might want to go back and re-read the story and fix some things. I'm really looking forward to more of this, so please keep writing!!!!