4 chapters / 8663 words

Approximately 43 minutes to read


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Summary: Brat 'brat noun
1 a : A child; specifically : an ill-mannered annoying child
b : In the fetish community, a submissive who engages in behavior designed to provoke or encourage a dominant’s response in order to assert individuality, annoy, test limits, garner attention, and/or provoke punishment
c : Maria Massaro, a 16-year-old escort more troubled by her own blistering anger and unappeasable lover than her profession; specifically : a jealous girl haunted by the suicide of her sweetest client and hired by a curious John contracted to help her unknot it all

More light-hearted than you'd expect. More deviant than you'd desire.



17 days ago FF!Frisk said:

I may be new but I would love to review you book if you would be able to review mine and see if you like it :)


17 days ago Kay & Camille said:

Camille: Normally We don't read these type of books..........

Kay: But you've caught our interest......................

Camille: We hope you write more ^^


20 days ago Chronic Youth said:

Its great it really reels you in. I enjoy so far what I've seen of the characters too! Can't wait for more :))


20 days ago Galatea said:

Hiya, One Comment on chapter one as you asked: Your Writing style is good and doesn't grate on my nerves, the story started from page one and got me hooked, I'll probably read the rest of the book :). Generally I don't tend to read this sort of thing, but this book has actually caught my interest. I would definateley reccomend it for 15+. Thanks for reccomending I read this. Galatea



24 days ago Karsten Masinick said:

Hey Paige. Your story was superb on a number of levels. Each part was easily pictured in my mind so great job describing what your character was feeling and her surroundings! Strong use of parts of speech and I am looking forward to seeing more stories from you! In terms of anything I find that could be improved, just keep striving to excite the reader! No one has ever reached the pinnacle so keep up the great work!


24 days ago Camille Bautista said:

As usual, your way with words leaves very little to criticize. Despite the fact that this is never the kind of genre I gravitate towards, I found the way you set the scene and the characters interesting. I like how your descriptions aren't just a mishmash of frou-frou adjectives and cliché phrases. Your writing style is definitely unique and made me reconsider reading more pieces with a similar subject matter. Thanks for letting me read this!