4 chapters / 8663 words

Approximately 43 minutes to read


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Summary: Brat 'brat noun
1 a : A child; specifically : an ill-mannered annoying child
b : In the fetish community, a submissive who engages in behavior designed to provoke or encourage a dominant’s response in order to assert individuality, annoy, test limits, garner attention, and/or provoke punishment
c : Maria Massaro, a 16-year-old escort more troubled by her own blistering anger and unappeasable lover than her profession; specifically : a jealous girl haunted by the suicide of her sweetest client and hired by a curious John contracted to help her unknot it all

More light-hearted than you'd expect. More deviant than you'd desire.



3 months ago FF!Frisk said:

I may be new but I would love to review you book if you would be able to review mine and see if you like it :)


3 months ago Kay & Camille said:

Camille: Normally We don't read these type of books..........

Kay: But you've caught our interest......................

Camille: We hope you write more ^^

Girl masked

3 months ago Chronic Youth said:

Its great it really reels you in. I enjoy so far what I've seen of the characters too! Can't wait for more :))


3 months ago Galatea said:

Hiya, One Comment on chapter one as you asked: Your Writing style is good and doesn't grate on my nerves, the story started from page one and got me hooked, I'll probably read the rest of the book :). Generally I don't tend to read this sort of thing, but this book has actually caught my interest. I would definateley reccomend it for 15+. Thanks for reccomending I read this. Galatea



about 1 month ago Maddi Phipps said:

hey love the detail and you can totally sense her attitude i'v only read the first chapter but ill be sure to read the rest when i have the chance. keep putting out edge material like this! great job!


3 months ago Karsten Masinick said:

Hey Paige. Your story was superb on a number of levels. Each part was easily pictured in my mind so great job describing what your character was feeling and her surroundings! Strong use of parts of speech and I am looking forward to seeing more stories from you! In terms of anything I find that could be improved, just keep striving to excite the reader! No one has ever reached the pinnacle so keep up the great work!