Normal Is Boring

Normal Is Boring

1 chapter / 339 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Normal is SO over rated! Read and find out how this high school girl learned to be herself... NOT normal!

Cover by me, Niki Caldwell. ©



about 3 years ago Abby A said:

You have a great plot going on here. The pace was a bit rushed, try to add more detail around the dialogue, but your characters are very relatable, so great job!

Fledging propic toothless

over 3 years ago Angelimar W said:

Hey, got a pretty well-described story in there, I felt like inside the story in no time really! I loved your characters a lot, it was very nicely-written! I think you have done such a great work on this piece! So well, keep it up; happy writing!



over 3 years ago FromTheStars said:

I see a lot of potential in this story. I really like Phoebes character. She reminds me of myself. XD I think the chapter is a bit short, and their isn't a ton of background information but it's only the first chapter so you can do all that later. I can't wait to see what the plot will be! Keep writing!!

Faceless fairy

over 3 years ago Erica Renee said:

Great job! I love it already, and it is very hard to get me hooked into a book. Continue doing what you're doing, you are really good.