1 chapter / 494 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


One of ten winning Animal Rights Contest entries. The story of a young girl set to take over her family's puppy mill.


Girl under tree

4 months ago Jessica Born said:

Thank you for writing this! More people need to understand what puppy mills are and bad backyard breeders. Unfortunately, the way the father feels is the way too many people feel towards dogs.


6 months ago Alfred Callahan said:

J.C. Marie this legacy book you have shared was so informative just like bestessays.com scam. I could so relate to the girl and her lifestyle, she was reminding me of what I have experienced


over 1 year ago Lola Gant said:

Great start

Da phoenix da second!!!

almost 2 years ago Ari Shierdan said:

Oh yeah. You go girl. SAVE THOSE PUPPIES. I will hug you.



about 3 years ago Sarah Sundermeyer said:

Love the emotions behind this story, very well written! The plain way of speaking really brings out the cowardly narrator. I think that the one thing you could work on with this piece is the dialogue, as it is a little awkward at some points when the father is talking. Overall, good vocabulary and writing, and I wish you luck in the contest.


about 3 years ago Julia Gonnello said:

Wow! You definitely did a great job of describing the fear and hatred the dogs had to the girls father,how he believed in humans above animals, and how the girl was against the abuse. The characters and setting are painted beautifully, and opinions clear. Well done. Very realistic, and i can see how that day when her father yelled at her for playing with the puppies scarred her. And how she was determined to end her fathers cold-hearted animal abuse.