1 chapter / 494 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


One of ten winning Animal Rights Contest entries. The story of a young girl set to take over her family's puppy mill.



Aggressive fire

over 2 years ago md_hamdaan said:

Very well done. I appreciate it. The way the story picks up its speed, and ending with amazing conclusion. Animals should be given their rights, and that is what you've brought about the thought. The kind dialogues you've written are very well done..


over 3 years ago Sarah Sundermeyer said:

Love the emotions behind this story, very well written! The plain way of speaking really brings out the cowardly narrator. I think that the one thing you could work on with this piece is the dialogue, as it is a little awkward at some points when the father is talking. Overall, good vocabulary and writing, and I wish you luck in the contest.