The Maine Course

The Maine Course

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Jeff makes his girlfriend Darcy a homemade dinner, which introduces them to a new friend.



about 18 hours ago Margarito Hurwitz said:

Interesting book, now I kooking for something similar=)) My blog

Blue eye

about 1 month ago Hannah said:

I am from Maine so I decided, why not read this? It actually turned out to be pretty good. I suggest continuing it into something longer. More details! It would be cool to find out what happens to "Larry". Ha ha! Keep writing!


2 months ago Joy said:

I am from Maine and New Hampshire...So I just had to read it. I love the play on words and I think this is a cute story. Plus, I think it would be great if your turn it into something longer.

Good Writing, Joy


11 months ago Valin said:

Great work, keep it up



11 months ago William Kraemer said:

I think that you wrote a great introduction to what looks like what could be a great book. Keep working on it!


about 1 year ago Thelma Allen said:

Nice Story