anthology of unserious things

anthology of unserious things

4 chapters / 226 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


a glimpse on the fringe of lunacy;

a stream of unconsciousness and hatred

by gray

(cover is a photo recap from price peterson)


Poetry, Writing




over 3 years ago Emma Lee said:

(I am going to read another story for the swap, too, since this is so short.) I am a huge fan of poetry. I think my favorite one was the first one, as it describes my life so well. Sometimes the poem didn't run smoothly, but I suppose that's because of the style you wrote in. I really enjoyed the second one as well, as it was very unique and I liked the metaphors you used.



over 3 years ago not izzy said:

U have a great rhyming diction and stuff and I lyke the 1st poem very much its interesting and interesting and very very visual I think its one of the best poems on figment and im not just saying that I rlly do think so.