1 chapter / 4209 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


There's a facility tucked deep away where no one will find it. In the sterile building, there are two experiments who have built an unlikely bond through unconventional communication. The two formulate a plan for escape, and when the opportunity comes, they run.



10 months ago alex bubble said:

If you all are wondering what inspired me well.... This was actually supposed to be a Destiel fanfic and then I changed my mind when I needed to write a story for my creative writing class. As far as the idea goes, I believe I had read another story at some point about Dean and Cas escaping from prison and I went from there! If you liked this story I recommend that you go and read some of my other stories! Myst and Larger Than Life are both magical-ish like this one so please check it out! Thanks so much for being loyal readers! -Alex


10 months ago Zandra Lynn said:

Very intrigued by this. Wonder what inspired you..

Da phoenix da second!!!

over 1 year ago Ari Shierdan said:

I have no words for this. Absolutely none. I really hope that you continue 10 and 12's story soon. I could not stop reading, never once got up from my seat. I kept telling myself, "One more sentence, one more sentence, one more sentence." Seriously. Great job. :)


about 2 years ago Abby Jones said:

I really like your word choice! Keep up the good work!!!



13 days ago Ryys Grammling said:

This story presents conflict of both the emotional and physical kinds, the physical being escaping from the facility and the emotional being recovering from what happened to them. It's in 3rd person which I really like. It doesn't force a sympathetic connection to the characters, which makes it challenging to develop them quite the same way but I love it because the way I connected with 10 and 12 made it so that I wanted another chapter and at the same time was terrified of what would happen to the characters if I read any more. It was also very well written, which is not a common quality in short stories these days.


about 1 month ago ☾✥Rosalie Moire✥☽ said:

This is very well written; you can describe the emotional turmoil of the characters descriptively without making the story weighty. It keeps usually skeptical readers engaged from the first paragraph.