1 chapter / 4209 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


There's a facility tucked deep away where no one will find it. In the sterile building, there are two experiments who have built an unlikely bond through unconventional communication. The two formulate a plan for escape, and when the opportunity comes, they run.



9 months ago alex bubble said:

If you all are wondering what inspired me well.... This was actually supposed to be a Destiel fanfic and then I changed my mind when I needed to write a story for my creative writing class. As far as the idea goes, I believe I had read another story at some point about Dean and Cas escaping from prison and I went from there! If you liked this story I recommend that you go and read some of my other stories! Myst and Larger Than Life are both magical-ish like this one so please check it out! Thanks so much for being loyal readers! -Alex


9 months ago Zandra Lynn said:

Very intrigued by this. Wonder what inspired you..

Da phoenix da second!!!

over 1 year ago Ari Shierdan said:

I have no words for this. Absolutely none. I really hope that you continue 10 and 12's story soon. I could not stop reading, never once got up from my seat. I kept telling myself, "One more sentence, one more sentence, one more sentence." Seriously. Great job. :)


about 2 years ago Abby Jones said:

I really like your word choice! Keep up the good work!!!



9 months ago Lily Wilson said:

You have an amazing gift for writing and it shows in this story. Your word voice is amazing and it flows like butter. Wonderful story. I'd read it again a million times.


about 1 year ago Marius Grey said:


I really enjoyed this, it's very interesting and wonderfully written, wonderful job!!