Just Speak

Just Speak

1 chapter / 481 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


ONE OF THE TEN WINNERS! For the #AnimalRights contest.


Drama, Short Story



5 months ago Lonebird26 said:

This story was beautiful and I must thank you for sharing it with me. I hope to read more of your work.:)


10 months ago Lilith Pellizar said:

So sad and true.


about 1 year ago Valin said:

This is a great piece, awesome work

Adina's foot

about 1 year ago Janis Cortella said:

This is amazing. You should really get it out there, it could make a huge difference.


Leda and the swan

about 1 month ago iamadandelionqueen said:

I really enjoyed your story, it truly captures the spirit of giving a voice to abused animals, and how it ends in humans also finding a voice for themselves.


over 1 year ago Thelma Allen said:

Everyday I wonder about a lot of things in my life sometimes there Good and sometimes not so good but I keep hope because I know There is hope.