Common Enemy

Common Enemy

1 chapter / 661 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


The wanted vigilante Avia and esteemed hero Microbullet discover they share a common goal when it comes to the city's protection.


Rachael 01

over 3 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Yeah, that one line about the wings and cages was creeeppyyy, with a capital C. Hence, my shiver reaction. And my heart? Well, a few spelling mistakes aside, the story was good. I'm a sucker for cop vs. vigilante stories (and movies...BATMAN FOREVER!!!). You do have a few more words you can use, so maybe you could put in a bit more in that first scene where Vince first encounters Ava or to describe the villain's lair a bit more. Just a thought. Feel free to toss it into the virtual rubbish bin if you don't agree. *hands over bin*

Good luck in the contest.


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