Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

1 chapter / 524 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Jason McGrath, a born dragon slayer, can't find this dragon for the life of him. Why does it continuously elude him?

Although I'm using this right now as a short story, I will be turning it into a novel after the July Challenge is over.


Fantasy, Horror, Suspense



over 3 years ago Amy May said:

Hi Kindle, I just got started on Figment about a week ago. I like how all your stories have a meaning deeper than just action and violence and drama. Can you read one of mine? They're not very long.


over 3 years ago Scorpio Ryder said:

This is a very unique piece, and the character is very well developed for the short length of the story :)


over 3 years ago Selena Brooks said:

I agree with Francie; you definitely have to extend this. It's a fascinating short story that definitely has potential to be a novel. Your descriptions and imagery are amazing, not to mention your great plot!


over 3 years ago Francie Mullenix said:

wow I really like this, please make it into a more expanded story line and please continue to write it!



over 3 years ago Joni Marie Girod said:

This was really well written. I did not see the end coming, but I was pleasantly surprised. You've got me hooked, this definitely has potential for being penned into a novel of sorts. Other than one or two grammar errors (the usual), it was great. Interesting concept, I hope you continue with it! Thanks for the swap.