Death Takes All

Death Takes All

2 chapters / 515 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


#Julychallenge entry! Death is the true enemy. *Beautiful Cover by Niki Caldwell*



over 3 years ago Christine Graeme said:

It's an eccentric idea taken from the prompt. I really enjoyed it. I loved the voice and tone you used. I think it is a great story. Great job.


over 3 years ago kayperl said:

Wow, makes me want to live every day and appreciate what I have. Very good lesson for all of us.


over 3 years ago J.C. Marie said:

This is such a unique take on the prompt. It drew mean from the beginning. I loved the quote in the beginning. I think it gave us something to think about. Great work and thanks for the swap!


over 3 years ago Sarah Sundermeyer said:

This is a very unique take on the prompt, I really like it! It may be a deliberate decision of yours to do so, but I think the story is told very casually, and I think it could benefit with a bit better word choice in some places. Overall I loved it though, I think it is a great story with some wonderful morals behind it. Great job :)


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