As Sky Lay Dying

As Sky Lay Dying

1 chapter / 707 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


July Challenge Winner

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.
-Percy Shelley


Writing, Poetry



over 2 years ago Londyn Free said:

I totally agree with Riley

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almost 3 years ago riley mei said:

Omigosh beautiful and amazing. No wonder you won lol(:


almost 3 years ago E. Anderson said:

That was beautiful and amazing. I love poetry, and seeing you describe this as you was amazing. Thanks.


about 3 years ago Sky said:

Wow love it! It was so beautiful!



5 months ago Sky Lark said:

THIS story is fantastically captivating with the rhyming with the battle, everything. I could see everything unfold in my head and I have to say it was beautiful. You did a very good job


over 1 year ago Joshua Troy Sulentic said:

The rhyme scheme is well mended with the figurative language and creative writing to create a beautiful poem about the war between Heaven and Earth waged by Hell, and to show that the Good will always conquer the Evil, even in times of despair or trial.