Battle of the Witches

Battle of the Witches

1 chapter / 721 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


July Challenge!! Plesse read. Two arch enimies are in constant battle, Bethany trying to protect the city she calls home, and Violet trying to destroy her and everything that she comes across, but little to their knowledge they have caught the eye of one of the most powerful witches of their time, and she likes to have a little fun too.


Writing, Action



over 3 years ago J.C. Marie said:

It is a really interesting idea. I feel there could more development, especially in regards to the narrator. Tell us why she is a myth, why she is so important. However, the other characters could use some development as well. Good luck and thanks for the swap!


over 3 years ago Francie Mullenix said:

Lets see, I love your idea, and its well designed. However, you need to separate you whole text into paragraphs so its easier to read.


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