We Run

We Run

1 chapter / 395 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


**Contest Winner!!**
For the July Challenge. I may eventually turn this into something longer (it's only a little over half the 750 word limit) but for now I'm leaving it how it is. And I'm shrugging noncommittally.





over 2 years ago Aurora Rankin said:

I wish I could put more hearts! This is amazing and therefore you must be also!!!

Feather pen

over 2 years ago Lizzyp23 said:

This was amazing. You know how to put feelings into your words. I can't wait to read more of your stuff.

Awesome doggie

over 2 years ago Izzy said:

well? who is he?!!!


almost 3 years ago Manifest Sunshine said:

That is incredible, Silver! I love the uncertainty you feel about who He is, and just when you're about to find out, you



over 1 year ago Kimberly Tenneson said:

I think what I like best in the non-specific nature of it. It could be literal, or metaphor or supernatural, or ethereal - it's amazing. And it can easily stand alone, or be picked up as story or novella. The Silver Swan kidnaps the reader and forces them into the shoes of 'the runner', and before you realize why or how - you're running too. Nicely done!


about 2 years ago Grace Adamson said:

I thought it was very well-written and full of detail. I felt like I was inside the story. Keep up the good work!