We Run

We Run

1 chapter / 395 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


**Contest Winner!!**
For the July Challenge. I may eventually turn this into something longer (it's only a little over half the 750 word limit) but for now I'm leaving it how it is. And I'm shrugging noncommittally.





6 months ago Ice Winifredd said:

Mysterious, enthralling, and intriguing. It's too bad it's so short! I'm hungry for more and curious to find out who HE is and why they fear him so much. Well done. This is a great write.


over 1 year ago Elijah Buchan said:

I was able to be thrown into a small section of what feels like a much larger story. Captivating and intriguing. Wish there was more. Good job!

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over 2 years ago riley mei said:

Omigosh this is so amazing(:


about 3 years ago Just Passing By said:

wow, it's amazing that you managed to give us a clear understanding of the protagonist, antagonist, and villain in such a short piece! A simple story that is quite creative. congrats on winning the contest!



over 2 years ago Grace Adamson said:

I thought it was very well-written and full of detail. I felt like I was inside the story. Keep up the good work!

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about 3 years ago Alobear said:

Very strong start - pulls the reader straight in with the emotion of the narrator and the intrigue of the situation. This could easily be developed further into a much longer story, and I'd be interested to find out more detail about the society and the mysterious antagonist. You keep the tension high very successfully and it works well for a short competition piece, but it would good to explore the narrator's character and history more fully and play out the confrontation with the enemy (both the girl and the shadowy "him") with more action and more detail. Very engaging!