3 chapters / 1454 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


July Challenge Winner! 750 words limit --> Except I have added an additional chapter because of the many comments saying I should add more, but since it is not a priority right now, I will be adding slowly. Freedom has been stripped from the world, and a new government called the New Order has turned everyone into human drones, all exactly alike. Except for the ones lurking in the shadows, like Mikah.



about 1 year ago Marko Tomas said:

Oh dear lord that is horrifying


about 1 year ago Amanda Ranaldi said:

Very well written. I enjoyed reading this! Keep up the work, Id love to read some more.


over 1 year ago DJwilliamsREAD said:

is the name from iron fey book series


almost 2 years ago Joy Marie Wilday said:

Incredible story! Wow I usually can't get into a story so easily but I was excited to see there was another chapter by the end of the first. I agree with others that you should def write more to this, who knows maybe itll be the next big thing!



11 months ago Nige Cooper said:

This is so beautiful! You are such a good writer! I've only seen two mistakes. They were missing words. Other than that, I really felt like I was there in the post-apocalyptic and dystopian world.

It's really hard for me to find a good book and stick with it, but I will stick with yours to the very end!


over 1 year ago Dylan Hernandez said:

It has life, I'll say that much. While I love the idea of the governmental dystopia (fight the power and all that.) I really enjoyed the sense of shared yet unknown history you provided during the opening dream. I would only toss in the the idea that a bit more cohesion could go a long way into solidifying everything if you ever decide to fully pursue this in any way. There were times I felt that the character was on some occasions a rebellious youth then in others nothing more than a depressed tween, I had a feeling I could see your direction yet the character didn't feel quite complete or fleshed out as far in as you had gone with him.

All in all I enjoyed it immensely and would love to see how you provide growth and fulfillment to this world as a whole.

"Who and what are the New Order, what sinister mindset do their unnamed leaders maintain?"