3 chapters / 1454 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


July Challenge Winner! 750 words limit --> Except I have added an additional chapter because of the many comments saying I should add more, but since it is not a priority right now, I will be adding slowly. Freedom has been stripped from the world, and a new government called the New Order has turned everyone into human drones, all exactly alike. Except for the ones lurking in the shadows, like Mikah.



2 days ago MrRobot3 said:

What a wonderful book ! I had a pleasure reading it ! Blepharitis


3 months ago Noah Hummel said:

What a fun read! I want to hear more!


6 months ago Marko Tomas said:

Oh dear lord that is horrifying


6 months ago Amanda Ranaldi said:

Very well written. I enjoyed reading this! Keep up the work, Id love to read some more.



about 1 year ago Sophie said:

Hook, line, and sinker. Those were honestly my thoughts after reading the first paragraph. Your writing was fluid and created a clear image in my head, and I didn't feel as if reading it was an effort, but rather an enjoyment. I like the pace of the story- you're constantly flowing through the story line. And let me tell you, the very last sentence of the first chapter left me breathless. I loved this.


over 1 year ago Juliet Bruce said:

This is amazing! Your descriptions are so great, and the characters are believable. With so many dystopian books nowadays, it's hard to stand out. You have done just that, by making it short enough to hold interest, but long enough to quench your readers' thirst. Bravo!