3 chapters / 1454 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


July Challenge Winner! 750 words limit --> Except I have added an additional chapter because of the many comments saying I should add more, but since it is not a priority right now, I will be adding slowly. Freedom has been stripped from the world, and a new government called the New Order has turned everyone into human drones, all exactly alike. Except for the ones lurking in the shadows, like Mikah.



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8 months ago Matthew Thomas said:

Great world building, very descriptive! I was hooked right off the bat.


9 months ago Lawrence Bear said:

Intresting piece. You have weaved a fine tale of suspence, drama and adventure. Cant wait to read more.



almost 2 years ago Sophie said:

Hook, line, and sinker. Those were honestly my thoughts after reading the first paragraph. Your writing was fluid and created a clear image in my head, and I didn't feel as if reading it was an effort, but rather an enjoyment. I like the pace of the story- you're constantly flowing through the story line. And let me tell you, the very last sentence of the first chapter left me breathless. I loved this.


over 2 years ago Koraizon said:

Short yet gripping work. Your ending especially was simple and yet conveyed much emotion and implication. The "transformation" section on Chapter 2 was also very well done with the "reassurances" by the doctor. Good writing here!!