Crimson Heart

Crimson Heart

1 chapter / 743 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Three kingdoms. Two princes. One girl tying them all together.
(Winner of the July Challenge)


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almost 2 years ago E. Anderson said:

So amazing...wonderful writing technique.

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about 2 years ago riley mei said:

Omigosh so beautiful. Put a "wow" on this one haha(:


about 2 years ago Iris Dracarys said:

Oh my gosh. It's like Gone Girl.


about 2 years ago Maddie W said:

This was great! I was immersed in emotion while not expecting the twist that blindsided me. Well done!



about 1 month ago Maddy said:

i love how dark this was an how the ending came out amazing job!


over 1 year ago Kristen Katsifaras said:

I literally died when I read the ending. Some princesses are just not what they seem! Well done! I loved the story.