With a Kiss

With a Kiss

1 chapter / 616 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


~Winner of the July Challenge~ “Even death has a heart.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief



2 months ago Rachel Herbst said:

I enjoy all of the imagery throughout this piece- very descriptive. The fact that you made Death this person doing good deeds was different and really enriched the story making it original and really good!


8 months ago Joy said:

I really enjoy your short story. I like the setting and your perspective of death. You show death as a person or spirit that doesn't particularly like there job. Shows that they have human like qualities. I'd love to see more. Good Writing, Joy


almost 2 years ago K.T. Enelra said:

It has an eerie beauty - haunting, even. I would love to hear more of this story and more of the character. Beautifully written!


about 2 years ago Shemona Singh said:

Very well written! Your description is beautiful.


Lady red profile picture

over 1 year ago Lady Red said:

I love how you made Death a person, and when you killed off the girl, you showed me that death is inevitable and that what goes around comes right back around. Good job, I hope you continue this!

Beautiful cecil

over 1 year ago ScarlettFyre said:

I really enjoyed this. Death is such an interesting figure and I always love reading stories that explore him (or her, I suppose). It's part of why I enjoyed The Book Thief so much. That and the fact that I just love an eccentric narrator.

Anyway, back on topic. The descriptions were amazing and you set the scene so perfectly. I also loved the way you suggested at the torture rather than described it. It worked a lot better than if you had described it in detail- then you run the risk of either making it too tame, or shocking the reader so much it isn't creepy anymore.

Anyway, well done on an amazing story!