1 chapter / 1000 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


this short story is the reason i don't do swaps anymore

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over 1 year ago Avery Cloud-Estep said:

Your story grasped me immediately and the details were in-depth enough that I was able to imagine everything perfectly. I would have loved for there to be more of the story! It did not end abruptly at all, but instead left me wanting more.

On a side note, sometime last year you asked me to do a swap with you and that was when I was on a too long hiatus from this website and did not see the request until today. If you are still interested in doing your part of the swap, read any story I have, if not, I completely understand. Thanks!


over 2 years ago Rylee Bennett said:

Wow, this is really good Will!

Seeking light

over 2 years ago Headintheclouds said:

You did a wonderful job of getting inside your character's head and the details are exquisite. Gave me chills. Excellent work! I can see why you won ;)

Who needs gender roles

over 2 years ago Nicole Renoir said:

Good to know Figment bends the rules for certain members.



almost 3 years ago Beth said:

Very captivating story. I couldn't stop reading, well written.


almost 3 years ago Kay said:

I think you did an awesome job!! I enjoyed it. Thank you!!