1 chapter / 1000 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


this short story is the reason i don't do swaps anymore

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almost 3 years ago Daisy Cabret said:

This was fantastic. No, it was more than fantastic. It was.... fantastically fantastic. This was a very well-written piece, and it was really interesting to read a story from the antagonists point of view. The overall tone and feel of this piece was easily shown, and it greatly impacted me as the reader. Amazing job! -DC

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almost 3 years ago Gavan Kinna said:

It unfolds nicely. I enjoyed it. Thank's


almost 3 years ago lauren said:

In my option it is well written and must have taken a lot of time to make it so good please keep writing


almost 3 years ago Katheryn Edmunds said:

I'm honestly not sure quite what to say, but I didn't want to only leave a heart. This was very well written (the jumping confused me a bit though) and I enjoyed the point of view. It's so very rare that we get stories--even short ones-- from the point of view of a character who, in most circumstances, would be an antagonist, and it's rather refreshing.



almost 3 years ago Beth said:

Very captivating story. I couldn't stop reading, well written.


almost 3 years ago Kay said:

I think you did an awesome job!! I enjoyed it. Thank you!!