1 chapter / 1000 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


this short story is the reason i don't do swaps anymore

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about 3 years ago Grace said:

I didn't finish it, but great job so far! I don't really need to swap :)


about 3 years ago Payton M. said:

I am so sorry I took so long to return the swap! I've been adjusting to college life and its been pretty hard for me.

First I would like to say your descriptions are amazing! You also were so on point with your use of first person! I loved your pacing. My only thing is that I feel like this needs to develop more, like dog in deeper to the back story. Aside from that, great job and keep writing! I didn't find many grammatical errors at all!


about 3 years ago Avalon Nightwick said:

'Hazel' is probably not the best word to use to describe hair, and it also slightly bothered me that you kept jumping to different scenes. However your sentence structure was excellent, and it was overall an enjoyable piece.

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over 3 years ago M said: This was really well written. I try to write short stories but they always get a bit too long but this was just the right amount. I really liked the concept and how you sent it across. good job! :)



almost 3 years ago Beth said:

Very captivating story. I couldn't stop reading, well written.


almost 3 years ago Kay said:

I think you did an awesome job!! I enjoyed it. Thank you!!