Living Legends

Living Legends

37 chapters / 46948 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


For the first time in her life, Hayley Slade is going on an adventure. Naturally, she expects seasickness and a mild storm as the worst of her problems, so when she runs into a castaway on a deserted island, gets kidnapped with said castaway, and is thrust into a pirate’s world of centuries-old treasure hunting, she is totally unprepared. Though Hayley remains guarded, the castaway—Jack—also carries secrets of his own. If they want to get out of their Caribbean adventure, the girl with the camera and the boy with the mysterious past will have to band together and look death straight in the eye.



almost 2 years ago Ellie said:

Yesyesyesyesyesyes! Finally, a story worth reading on Figment that ACTUALLY HAS GOOD GRAMMAR!


almost 2 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

I literally laid in bed until midnight reading this, I just couldn't put it down! This story was amazing! Action, mystery, romance, the whole package. So glad that I came across this :) can't wait to read your other pieces soon


about 3 years ago Selena Brooks said:

It's over noooo it was SO good. I actually thought Jack wasn't coming back for a little while there XD You're an amazing writer; I can't wait to see what you start to write next!


about 3 years ago Jo said:


Well. I remember you saying this was just gonna be a short story. Hehe, short story my butt. I think this might actually be one of my favorites, a favorite that I hope one day gets a sequel *wink, wink* so that the tale of Hayley and Jack can continue and they can figure out why Hayley, of all people, linked with Jack *wink, wink*

But really, it was a good run. And I hope you continue! But if not... Well, there's a lot to say.

I loved the way you developed the characters, in the beginning, throughout the book, and even still some mystery at the end. You did a great job, Summer, a really great job.

The book was thrilling all the way through, and you left me wanting more at the end of each chapter. That takes talent, talent that you possess. Use it in the second book *wink, wink*

But other than the fact that the ending of this just makes me crave a second book, I loved it. Hehe.



about 3 years ago Selena Shandi said:

This is quite good. I enjoy your vocabulary, I feel it suits the story well. The only thing I really have to say is watch your wording. I noticed this first in the very beginning when the youth puts the fish in his back pocket. When I read that I immediately pictured a boy shoving fish in his pocket which I thought was rather odd. Once you mentioned it was wrapped in plastic I understood. Remember the reader isn't in your mind and while details such as that may seem small (which that example was) still try to make it as clear as possible. When writing you are trying to engulf your reader into the scene you are seeing. Try to make it as exact as you can even if you think it is silly or implied. Of course, that is if it fits your style/tone of the piece. Over all I enjoyed it. Well done and continue writing, it is a beautiful thing.

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over 3 years ago Maggie said:

I love your writing! It sounds polished, like it came straight from an edited, published book, and I only found one typo in the whole thing ('swim the to the' in chapter five). However, your plots didn't grip me as much. It felt like a lot of character introduction and not much action, even with Jack's story--it's all set-up. It hints of things to come, but there's no immediate danger, nothing to make me really want to keep reading.

Another thing I think you could improve is your characters--I understand them, and Hayley is very easy to picture (good job with her characterization) but I don't love her enough to really care what happens to her. She's just another teenage girl like any other, and though she's an exceptionally well-written teenage girl, she is displaying no distinctive qualities and doing nothing to make me empathize with her.

Oliver is hilarious, though.

I'm sorry if this review seems harsh, but I try to be honest so you can grow as a writer and hopefully give the same kind of critiquing to me. I really do adore your writing style, impeccable grammar, and plot-to-come (I'm not particularly gripped right now, but I can tell this is going to be a very cool story when you get things moving a little more). Anyway, this was way better than many, many stories I've read on Figment. Good job and keep writing!