The Figmentere Edition One

The Figmentere Edition One

15 chapters / 4387 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


The first edition of The Figmentere, our new figment newspaper! Ask questions under our talk to me. We have fixed most of the spelling errors, please alert us if you find another one. Thank you.


Writing, Novel, Comedy



over 6 years ago Elle Afellay said:

lol I think its really cool that you made this


over 6 years ago said:

I completely cracked up laughing when I read the jokes section. XD


over 6 years ago Destiny Howell said:

It was really weird to see my name in this. Not complaining or anything, I just wasn't expecting it.


over 6 years ago Lucy F.M. said:

I love the idea of the contest, but the fact that you judge partly by how many hearts, is a bit unfair. There are lots of great pieces that have only one or two hearts



almost 6 years ago KitKatAshesKat said:

Thoughts on Figment vs. Inkpop article: WOW,Ok i read your story on figment vs. inkpop and i have to say, i hate biased articles and it funny how biased it is. The story depressed me because i was an inkie two months after i became a figment user. Inkpop is better, in my opinion(and other long-time inkies), because A)You could upload a word document where you could edit font size and position B) cover design was easier; you could move around the picture and/or zoom in. You could type whatever you want(ex. A short pitch,quote or thought). Cover designs provided were much more plentiful and creative. C) People were friends, not followers.

Thoughts on overall magazine: Like Carys said, i totally agree,it does seem a little unprofessional but I think its good that you are trying to get a reporter feel and it is well written but I did think it was biased and slightly opinionated, but its a a nice start.


over 6 years ago Figmentere said:

That's a great idea! Email your comment to We will protect your email, but just add your comment and our figment username