The Book Of (Him)

The Book Of (Him)

6 chapters / 450 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A free verse poem book about a girl who falls in love with a boy, and he loves her too... doesn't he?



over 5 years ago Liv said:

Very cute! I love this(:


almost 6 years ago Cait Cher said:

This is beautiful poetry.


about 6 years ago SuperJule said:

LOVED the first poem! The last one was great too but the first one is most definitely my favorite.

"Did you hear me?"


Actually I did

I just want to hear it again

"I Love You."


over 6 years ago Lily said:

i really love this. you are such a good writer and the style in which you write is really interesting to read. good job :)



over 5 years ago R. Soland said:

This was sweet and it was so unlike any love poem I've ever read. I hope you continue. You could honestly write a whole story based on this. Also, maybe you'd be interested in reading/promoting a love story that I wrote, "Back to Being?" If you would read as much as you want, then copy this link:

onto Figment's facebook page, I'd much appreciate it. I hope you like my story if you do feel like checking it out!

Thank you for writing such an honest poem. It truly is inspiring. -R.Soland