The Spotlight

The Spotlight

12 chapters / 24193 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Paige Taylor as a reputation to live up to. Every since she was a little girl she's been involved in every aspect of racing. Her dad was the one who got her interested and now she's being pressured to pursue a career in racing. What her parents don't know, is that Paige's interests lie elsewhere.

Ashton Blake is Hollywood's hottie. He's the most famous celebrity his age and every single person out there knows his name. What he doesn't want the public to know is that he's sick of the Hollywood lifestyle. He's been acting and singing since he was five and he's fed up. Ashton's publicist cracks a plan that's bound to change his life for good.

Told in two voices, The Spotlight is a story of life's up and downs and aspiring dreams.


Writing, Romance, Novel



over 6 years ago L.L. Davis said:

Wonderful concept ;) Great job!



over 5 years ago Katerina Rosewood said:

I like the originality of your concept. stories like these tend to be so cliche , but you made good use of your creativity I would revise your story a little more. Its got some issues here and there , but I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!


almost 6 years ago Vivian Waters said:

this is awesome