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Just a little story I'm throwing your way.


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over 2 years ago Grace said:

I really liked this. The only suggestion I have is to maybe emphasize the ending when Annabelle disappears. This story was really great otherwise, though. I like your style.


over 2 years ago Mursal said:

I love the words and details you used. I love the use of the music box and your really cool cover. Please write more!

Clary frost

over 2 years ago Clary Frost said:

Your use of words were very powerful and I love how your perspective of the piece wasn't from a human, but from another toy. So cute! Even though this was a short story, you got the message to the readers using your beautiful choice of words. Overall a lovely story! :)


over 2 years ago Aurora Emmalynn said:

That was a very interesting turn of events. I loved it. A clock and music box, genius.


Lily knight

over 2 years ago Lily Knight (Kayla) said:

The haunting way you worded this story was so amazing. It was easy to follow and at times I found myself wondering why you were writing the way you did. The story was easy to follow and I found myself enjoying it so much. I wish that it was longer and honestly, am glad that it wasn't at the same time. If it had been longer the story itself would have seemed wordy at the same time if it had been longer.

I loved this story though and couldn't really find anything wrong with it. It was easy to follow, the wording flowed well and it just caught my attention. Thanks so much for asking me to swap because then I never would have seen this story.

-Lily Knight


over 2 years ago Alena Parker said:

Wow!! This was hauntingly lovely. Chills. I loved the perspective of the toys. Your descriptions were also great. I only have one small suggestion (not anything, really): I would like to know more about the one inside the cuckoo clock. Just to get an image him for my mind. Even adding one word such as, "... Inside the cuckoo clock that was as much [the boy's] prison as his home." But with or without that addition, your piece was amazing. Much applause. (And thanks for having good grammar too. xD)