Wisps of Intelligence

Wisps of Intelligence

13 chapters / 11594 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Our talents should be cherished, not hidden away for eternities. But when being gifted has terrible side effects, is it a blessing or a burden to be given the gift of intelligence?


Dystopian, Suspense



about 3 years ago IzzyFizzy said:

I liked this; I feel like some information could have been left up to the reader, though. I would try showing, not telling, too. Otherwise, I liked the characters you presented and enjoyed it. Heart from me!


(Swap for Forbidden Fruit)


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almost 2 years ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Chapter 10! Straight up, I’m in class right now, but I feel so bad that I have no time to get back to you. So here we go!

“I open my eyes to the bright(,) unbearable light and (no I) groan.”

oo his name slips off my name like honey… I LOVE that!!

“brought you here(.) we had to restrain you in order…”

I am aware(,)” I say without feeling.

Really? what caused you to have a breakdown? The doc needs to go back and read the other chapters cause …seriously? EVERYTHING and the cleansing! Geez

Yay at least Anna’s explaining at little. It’s called empathy

God the doc is annoying. “therapy? “ really? why do I feel like it’s all brain wash?

The ending is not as big of a cliff hanger as I would have liked, but it does feel conclusive. I feel so bad for her :( I want things to get better!!!

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almost 2 years ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Chapter 9! I’m sorry it’s been so long!! I just started my semester where i’m working from 6AM to 7:30 without a break :/

“i drive through the rolling”.. I love this line!

awww the mirror scene where she sees everyone but herself is touching

AHHH this is all what happened to them?? Or is she just imagining?? This is SOO SAD. I could barely read that paragraph

WAIT Trey has joined them???? What did I miss? Did I just forget that he died? Last I remember he didn’t die!! also is she actually seeing these ghosts or is it just her imagination haunting her?

now it says “trey, not yet deceased”

I think this chapter was necessary, I just got confused between your personal style and whether things were really happening. I write a lot of ghost stuff so in my head she’s actually seeing this, but also she doesn’t mention actually seeing ghosts before this so I have to imagine she’s just thinking in very vivid thoughts.

another great, emotional, suspenseful chapter! I shall be back hopefully WAY sooner than a month now that i’ve settled into the semester.