The Struggle

The Struggle

1 chapter / 563 words

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Hi, my name is Arnold. My mom calls my Arny, my dad calls me the A-man, and everyone else pretty much calls me Flappy. You take a look at me from outside this screen and you'll see an adorable little bird. But in my world I'm a fat sensitive dork.


Writing, Short Story


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3 months ago Sadie Carstater said:

this was really good.


4 months ago Grace (MittenTheThief) said:

LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! Now I'm just going to quietly download Flappy bird..


4 months ago Candice said:

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I'm so cute!

3 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

That was so beautiful! That was one of the sweetest writings I've ever read! It was a really amazing metaphor to portray your journey through life! Amazing Job! Keep on writing from the heart and all your works will be as great as this one! Very well done!


4 months ago Grace (MittenTheThief) said:

5 stars!! It's amazing but the only problem I have is the detail but that can't be in everything.