Flavored Water

Flavored Water

1 chapter / 414 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A coffee and tea shop combine. An unlikely friendship between coffee and tea drinkers ensue.
Cover by Alex Black.
One of the top ten winners in the Skink contest.
Featured on the Home page 10/7/14




about 1 month ago maodzedun said:

Very interesting book, both in the style of writing and on the idea, I'm very glad that I read it, I liked it very much food near me


11 months ago timalbert said:

It reminds me a magical film of Anna Alfred where she act like a mad girl and grab money from stores and many other places. I am forgetting the name of that movie but this one very close to that movie Knife Blanks


about 1 year ago Webber 6 said:

Great description I felt like I was in the shop

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almost 2 years ago Griffin Raynor said:

I think it'd be cool if you expanded this in more detail and raised the stakes a bit. It's a good concept, but it doesn't hold on to you long enough.



over 1 year ago Paris Pearl said:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I love the descriptions you used to describe the smells inside the shop, and the way you progressed the characters through the course of the story. In a few amount of words, you captivated the audience well. If us could suggest one thing to improve this a little more, I would say to describe the feelings between the two girls more. Keep writing! :)


over 1 year ago glitter said:

Love it!!